James Beattie
Chelsea 2 Saints 4. Two goals from James Beattie, one each for Pahars and Marsden see the London boys shocked after they were ahead 2-1 at half time. A great start to a New Year, let's keep it up.
Southampton 0 Leeds 1. A late goal in the last 2 minutes from Lee Bowyer to rob us of a well deserved draw. Note: A fan ran onto the pitch when he scored and was wrestled to the ground by a steward. The club took his season ticket away and barred him from the ground.
Fabrice Fernandes signs from French club Rennes for 1.1 million. A quality signing he should be an asset for the club.
Marian Pahars


ANders Svennson
Saints 1 Spurs 0. A rude awakening for Glenn Hoddle as he returns to the Dell. Both he and Dean Richards were booed for the full 90 minutes of the game.
Man Utd 6 Saints 1. Spanked big time up north. When they come back down here I hope the result is reversed.
Saints 2 Sunderland 0. The mackams suffer a loss to our glorious boys in red and white.

Wayne Bridge
Visit my friend Matt. He is also an expat. Living in Indiana but is still Southampton crazy like me.


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